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Facebook BusinessMarketing your Facebook Business Page

OK, so you have built your new business page, created your unique username and added some appropriate graphics. What now?

Promoting your business via Facebook is a slightly different approach to normal advertising in as much that, assuming you have some 'Likes' or Followers you have a ready market as all you activity and those followers interactions with your business page will reach those followers and, on occasion their friends. With as little as 100 'Likes' you have the potential to reach over 25,000 people when you take into account that your page details could also show on those person's friends of friends pages as well!

Facebook BusinessGetting Fans/Likes

There are number of ways that you can get followers but far and away the best way is naturally! Those that visit your page or seek you out and give you that vote of recommendation are the most likely to speak well of your business. Try to promote your presence on Facebook wherever you can. On publicity leaflets, business cards, your website and also by commenting on other's posts (make sure you are posting as your business rather than your personal profile - this option exists within your Business Page admin)

To view the demographics for a Business Page select the 'About' Option then click on the 'About' box to display a dropdown menu and select 'Likes' Do note that is there has been insufficient activity on the page then there will not be any demographics to see!

The one exception to buying likes is as a starter to enable you to rapidly obtain your username (A minimum of 25 likes is needed before you can have a FaceBook Username- See our 'Create Business Page' for more information on this) and, of course, obtain a degree of credibility. For those who want to have their page looking popular we do offer a Special Service to allow you to buy 500 or 100 genuine UK Fans

Facebook BusinessCustomer Service

Like it or not people will post customer questions on your profile if posting is allowed (and it should be). Whilst people may have the option to message you privately most will choose to air their question via your timeline. All is not lost however as you have the option of removing defamatory posts as well as responding. If responding do so with a short message publicly (to show others that you have read and responded) and then message that person privately as it is not right to air your exchange of messages to all your followers clogging their feeds with a personal exchange of messages!

Spread the Word

With your page established you should start to promote your business. Do not simply make posts saying 'shop at .....' or entries such as 'We are the best for...' as such spammy actions will usually result in your fans fading away and either simply 'UnLiking' you or blocking your posts from their newfeeds! By all means make a post when you have something to say such as a promotion or Sale but also consider making posts that will appeal to the interests of your fans. For example, if your own a Wine Bar then try seeking out articles on the internet about wine that may be of interest to your fans and post a link to it. Alternatively find pictures relating to what your business is involved in or indeed what you think may interest your fans.

Facebook has some very clever algorithms built into it and will prioritise posts in people newsfeeds depending on their interests, social connection, Locality, Age, whether they have visited a particular Facebook page and much more! Try to appeal to peoples interests and likes and you will find your posts appearing in those newsfeeds more frequently. A good example of a company making a great success of marketing their Facebook Business page is Surf Dog Australia who regularly post article not just about their products but articles, pictures and Videos about what their customers are interested in i.e. Dogs! Why not check them out at and perhaps like their page and then see how they promote themselves!

Try to make your posts the type of thing that people would want to pass on or comment to. Perhaps ask a question or create poll relating to your business. People love polls and may well even pass it on. Occasionally those poll results may also appear in your like's newfeeds as well!

What the vast majority of people forget is that Facebook users are primarily on Facebook not to read about your company's latest widget or your bank holiday closing times but to engage in interesting gossip and media! Status updates and links are not enough to catch your Fan's attention. If you want to engage those potential new customers Video, followed by Photos are the way to do it! Videos are ten times more likely to be shared than Links and Photos five times as likely!

Promoting Checkins is another way that some businesses can promote themselves. Offer a prize or discount to those that checkin at your premises during a certain time for example. Those 'Checkins' will be appearing n those people's newfeeds so again spreading the word.

Your Facebook Business PageCheck Ins

This is mentioned on greater detail elsewhere on this website but using Facebook Checkin Deals can encourage visitors to your business by taking advantage of checkins and special promotions. You offer people who have found you by using Checkin where a display of nearby places also shows with those making special offers being highlighted. See our Check In Page for more details.

Link to your website

When making Posts or news stories on your business page do remember to include the occasional link back to your business website (If you have one) Unlike other hyperlinks on webpages you do not need to prefix the URL with the usual http:// and can suffice with just the www address. Facebook will often also pickup images from your website and offer you a selection to chose from with your post. Do not, though make every post simply a link to your website as this will simply put people of ever looking at your posts.

Link from your website

Do remember to tell your website visitors that you are on Facebook. You can either provide a link direct to your Facebook Home page or, alternatively you can link to a 'Like Us' gateway page as detailed on Our Services page. Alternatively you can use one of the many Facebook widgets which are also explained on Our Services page. Remember though that if you place any restriction on who can visit your page such as age or country then people will not be able to view or interact with your page unless they login to Facebook.


Get Liked by Text

Facebook now offers people the opportunity to like a business page without even logging in to Facebook! Provided your mobile number is registered with Facebook (Highly advised due to the security settings and features it offers) To like a Facebook business page simply text the phrase 'Like username' (where the username is that of the page you wish to like) to 32665 and your like will be registered on that page! Do note that the page has to have a username for this feature to work. This number works for most countries including USA, Canada, most of Europe and Australia For the numbers for other countries and more information see the section on our Like Us page.

To test this out why not try liking us? Simply text the message 'Like yourbusinesspages' to 32665 or the appropriate number for your country.

To promote your Facebook Business page in this fashion simply place a message on your website urging people to 'Like' you by text? Promote the same by placing 'Like Us' messages in your premises! - See Our Decal Sticker Store to buy our special 'Like Us' Stickers.

Messageing via FacebookMessaging

The new type of Facebook business page also allows people to contact you directly and privately. Depending on your settings you will be advised of such messages by mail or text message. Ensure you respond as quickly as possible to their query as this will help to build a closer relationship with that person who may well comment about it on his newsfeed and thus be telling his friends!

Also, if you have comments posted on your page by others do respond as appropriate even if to thank them for their kind remarks or apologise if it is a criticism. You do have the option to delete any remarks you feel are unjust but we would suggest that, unless absolutely dire that they are left there as to remove them will do little to endear that poster towards you and may result in them making more derogatory remarks about you elsewhere!

Facebook AdvertisingAdvertising

We cover advertising in much greater detail on our Advertising Page and those keen to both promote their Business Page and also gain 'Likes' must read this. Having setup your page it is normal practise to try to promote that new page and advertising that page can help immensely and with targeted ads or possible the mention of a promotion or offer you will soon increase the number of followers. Remember that, once they have 'Likes' your page every action on or relating to your page may reach them and you will be reaching people who have already expressed an interest in your Business or Product.



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