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Custom Google Maps for Facebook Business Pages

Custom Google Maps for Facebook Business Pages

Custom Graphics for Unique Stickers

Custom Graphics for Unique Stickers

'Like' Graphics

'Like' Graphics

Custom Facebook Table Cards

Custom Facebook Table Cards

Super Sized Checkin Stickers

Super Sized Checkin Stickers

Checkin Table Displays

Checkin Table Displays

Your Facebook Business PageWhy us? What do we Offer?

With many years of experience in advising on Facebook marketing for business we have a wide range of services that we can offer, all of which will help you with the promotion of your business within Facebook. The Following Sections give some idea of the range of options provided within an overall Facebook Marketing Package designed to suit your Businesses needs. We can supply all of just one of these items to help make your Business Page unique and special.

Your Facebook Business PageCustom Pages

We produce a variety of custom designed specialised 'App' type pages that we can add to your Facebook Business Page to show whatever you wish. These can be standalone pages with whatever content you wish and this content can include images, videos and can even, if your main website is suitable is suitable draw data directly from your existing website. Our pages can include your own editable areas with your own CMS system to allow you to update these pages whenever you wish. We also provide, unlike most other companies offering a similar service, a secure (SSL) version of all pages so that even those who have selected Facebook's higher security Levels can view those pages.

Your Facebook Business PageCustom Maps

Whilst Facebook does many things wonderfully their business location maps are absolutely awful and almost an embarrassment to have detailed on your Business page. Facebook use Bing Maps and pinpoint your location from your Postcode and address entered. It is not very accurate and the address box totally blocks any view of the surrounding area. Furthermore, when you zoom in on the map the actual location scrolls out of site leaving you pulling the map around trying to find where the business is situated.

We can produce a custom map with your own tag that is pin point accurate. We use Google maps as the basic map but create a special tab that allows you to enter whatever message or details in it. Your location is actually entered into Google Maps using Latitude and longitude Co-ordinates thus pinpointing your exact location. We also integrate Street View so that the map can be changed to a local Street View.

Please view the two sample maps below. To view interactive version of this map click here or on the Maps to view this page within Facebook.

Our Custom Map Below

Facebook Map Below

Typical Facebook location map

Visit our Facebook Business Maps page on Facebook here

Your Facebook Business PageLike Gates

Before the introduction of Facebook Timeline for all business Pages at the end of March it was possible to direct people directly from within Facebook to a page where people were prompted to 'Like' Your Page. This feature has now been withdrawn and all Facebook Referrals from within Facebook always take you directly to your Facebook Main page for your business.

However.. We can still offer you a similar feature that can prompt people to 'Like' your page both from your main page and also as an external link to your special 'Like' Gateway where people will see a different message once they have liked that page. This is obviously a very efficient way of producing 'Likes' for your page that helps extend the reach that any post to your page makes.

Like Gateways can also be used to promote a specific Offer that is only made available, visible once you have liked that page.

Try the example below to see how you can have two different versions of a page once it has been liked.

Click Like us Button Below for a demonstration (Results will open in a new window as a demo.)

Your Facebook Business PageTwitter Integration

Tweet and read it on FacebookWhilst we appreciate that many people do not have or utilise a Twitter account it is possible for your Tweets to be automatically posted to Facebook and vice versa. What you do have to be careful about though is that you do not end up with your tweets being endlessly looped to and from Facebook!

The general content of much that is Tweeted really is not that appropriate for a Facebook Business Page and the possible frequency of Tweets from an active Twitter user could well mean you losing rather than gaining followers due to their newsfeeds being spammed with your Tweets!

We would recommend that it is far better for your posts to Facebook are posted to your Twitter account rather than the other way round.

We can setup your business page account to post to a separate Business Twitter Feed thus keeping your private Facebook and Twitter life detached from your business one.

All other apps simply link the Twitter Feed listed on your profile to your business page. With us, you can, if you wish, have a separate Twitter feed for every business page you own!

Your Facebook Business PageVideos and other Media

Media is an all important part of producing a successful Facebook Business Page and the inclusion of Pictures, Video or sound will often draw people to your website where a textual entry may not have done.

Your standard Facebook Page allows the uploading of Pictures that can also be separated into various galleries. Each time a new photo or batch of photos are uploaded then this fact will be published in many of your followers newsfeeds. There are, however, constraints on what Facebook will allow you to upload!

It addition to a file size (1024MB) and time (20mins - but probably long enough) limitation Facebook also insist that any video content has to include you or your friends as well as having been produced again by you or your friends. This can be somewhat restrictive, especially if you wish to produce a video of a product of yours or indeed even people having fun as your establishment!

By producing a custom photo gallery for your business page we can enable you to show whatever pictures or videos you wish (provided they do not breach Facebook's decency guidelines) We can offer the following features..

Your Facebook Business PagePhotos

The Facebook standard Gallery is a good feature and changes to content will be shown in followers newsfeeds. However, if you require, we can produce a gallery of images that auto scroll in a variety of ways and can include as much formatted text (or overlays) as required. See our sample Gallery page of Facebook as an example.


Facebook allows you to either upload videos from your own PC, embed a YouTube Video or even make a recording direct from your own webcam. Such images are then available to view. There are however, a few problems.

  1. Videos uploaded from your PC may be missing a commentary or soundtrack
  2. Any Video fro YouTube may have adverts on it!
  3. Copyright issues often mean that videos from YouTube have the sound removed
  4. Your Video does not have an opening Title or closing script


We can produce a custom Gallery or video page that can produce a variety of Effects for your photos and also allow them to be labelled if required.

Our Custom video page uses embedded streaming videos that ensure they can be watched on any type of device from a PC through to a mobile phone. Our page detects the type of browser you are using and automatically serves up the correct video format for your device. Our videos and not embedded from YouTube but we can, of course, embed any video you may have on YouTube. We can also edit your video if required.

Custom Testimonials

We can also produce a testimonial video for your company with the actor saying whatever you wish! Or.. If you wish record your own (even a video from a mobile phone can look good) then we can convert this to the correct format for embedding on your Facebook Business Page. See the sample on our demo video page1

Your Facebook Business PageFacebook Checkin/Nearby

A large number of people now access their Facebook pages via the Facebook mobile Application which is available for over 2,500 different mobile devices. Not only does this application allow people to browse and upload images whilst online but it also, for those with GSP location services installed (SatNav) it allows them to 'Checkin' at their current location. When checking in the person's mobile will list the nearest places based on Postcode that have a page on Facebook. This in effect tells that person's friends where they are at that time at that information will then appear on their friends newsfeeds.

This is wonderful free plug for your business as most people will then follow that link to find out more about you. You now have an opportunity to sell your business to those new people! If they 'Like' what they see then you have another fan whose like may well then appear in their friends newsfeeds! This 'Checkin' procedure can be quite viral and is especially good for Pubs, Restaurants, Speciality Stores and Entertainment venues. - YOU MUST NOT MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY!

Buy your Checkin Signs and Stickers at our Online Store now!



Your Facebook Business PageSecure Pages

Facebook is highly concerned over user safety and user privacy and as part of trying to provide for a secure as possible visit to their pages Facebook insist that all external pages or apps added to business pages offer a secure (SSL) connection. Whilst not every Facebook user avails themselves of this utility those that do, if they view an app or embedded page within a business page (or elsewhere on the Facebook website) that is not via a SSL they well be presented with a blank screen as Facebook will not have allowed them to view that page!

To demonstrate the difference we have, on our Facebook Business Page, built two pages, one offering a secure connection and one not. To see the difference simply view those pages via the links below having turned on secure browsing on Facebook. If you are not viewing Facebook Pages in a secure mode may only be able to see the content of the secure page or paybbe nothing! If, however, you are not using a secure connection you will be able to view both. Various browsers handle this issue in different ways though with Google Chrome seeming to be the most cautious.

Your Facebook Business PageHow to Turn on Secure Browsing

At the top right of your Facebook page just to the right of the 'Home' link there is a small arrow which, when clicked shows a dropdown menu. Select the 'Account Settings' option. Then on the General Account Settings Page select the Security icon on the left hand side. Then on the Security Settings page edit the 'Secure Browsing' Line to select this option from the tick box. In doing so do remember that there may be some Facebook pages served only from only non SSL pages that may no longer be viewable!

Your Facebook Business PageWhat does this mean?

Those not using a secure connection on Facebook are running a risk of viewing pages that may have had their security compromised and thus possibly (but not always) exposing themselves to security risks! Do look at this risk in perspective though as most internet browsing is done on non secure pages. All custom pages we produce offer a secure (SSL) option which is something that many embedded pages and apps you see on Facebook do not, especially when viewing externally linked pages. Do remember though that if we have to link parts of your website within an iframe on one of our custom pages the page that is embedded will also have to have a SSL for those viewing Facebook in secure mode.

Your Facebook Business PageYour own CMS System

In addition to providing you with custom page for your Facebook Business Page we can also setup your own CSM (Content Managed System) to allow you to directly edit your custom pages. Some other organizations are offering custom pages but they all require that any editing is either done by the provider of that page (and at a cost) or that you have to enter html code to produce anything other than simply unformatted text.

Your Facebook Business PageCreate Your Own Offers Page!

Thus facility allows you to edit and promote your own offers and deals directly into your Facebook Business page. Upload images directly to the page and update as often as you wish. We can even provide you with highly detailed user stats to see just who is looking at the page!

Where appropriate our custom app pages will provide you with a unique user logon that will not only allow you to change the textual content and look of the page but also will allow you to upload images or embed videos or other items. This means that you can quickly respond to market situations and update those special pages yourself without having to wait for your web designer to do so. All such pages are also available via a SSL (see our Secure Pages Tab) thus ensuring that everyone, whatever their security settings within Facebook are, can see your page.

This feature especially lends itself well to having an offers or promotions page within your Facebook Business website.

Your Facebook Business PageFacebook Packages

For those seeking a complete setup within Facebook we offer the following packages

Full Business Package - £299.00

This package contains everything to get you fully established on Facebook. It contains..

  • Complete setup of your Facebook Business Page or help as required
  • Custom Profile Picture to reflect your business
  • Custom Cover Picture for your page
  • Highly accurate Google location map to replace the Facebook one (which is not very good!.. see our custom Maps Tab for more details)
  • 500 page likes to start you off with some credibility
  • Unique Facebook Username (e.g. )
  • Custom Like Gateway (users have to click the 'Like button to see the content... For more info see our Like Gateway Tab)
  • Custom CMS Editable special App page (Can be used for your own promotions, Menus, Offers, Link to your own website, Etc)
  • One custom Video produced either from your own submitted content or a 1 minute personal testimonial from an actor..See our Videos Tab for more information)
  • All App Pages with customised Graphic Icons
  • Integration of Twitter Account if required
  • Three Initial subject related Posts within your page to get you started and to demonstrate the ideal type of content


Individual Elements of our Facebook Services can also be ordered.
Browse our tabs and just email or call us for a quotation.

Your Facebook Business PageWebsite Widgets

Facebook offer many ways to interact with your website so that content from Facebook can appear on your website. We can assist in the setting up of these features on your website (FTP Access to your website will be required)

The main features are detailed below:

Like Button

Thus is probably the most popular one used on website and prompts the person to press and like your website. It lets users share pages from your site back to their Facebook profile with one click. This is a great way of promoting your website within Facebook

Send Button

The Send Button allows users to easily send content to their friends. People will have the option to send your URL in a message to their Facebook friends, to the group wall of one of their Facebook groups, and as an email to any email address. While the Like Button allows users to share content with all of their friends, the Send Button allows them to send a private message to just a few friends.


The Comments Box is a social plugin that enables user commenting on your site. Features include moderation tools and distribution.
Social Relevance: Comments Box uses social signals to surface the highest quality comments for each user. Comments are ordered to show users the most relevant comments from friends, friends of friends, and the most liked or active discussion threads, while comments marked as spam are hidden from view.
Distribution: Comments are easily shared with friends or with people who like your Page on Facebook. If a user leaves the “Post to Facebook” box checked when she posts a comment, a story appears on her friends’ News Feed indicating that she’s made a comment on your website, which will also link back to your site.
Friends and people who like the Page can then respond to the discussion by liking or replying to the comment directly in the News Feed on Facebook or in the Comments Box on your site. Threads stay synced across Facebook and on the Comments Box on your site regardless of where the comment was made.

Like Box

The Like Box is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. The Like Box enables users to:

  • See how many users already like this Page, and which of their friends like it too
  • Read recent posts from the Page
  • Like the Page with one click, without needing to visit the Page



The Facepile plugin displays the Facebook profile pictures of users who have connected with your page via a global or custom action, or can also be configured to display users that have signed up for your site.

Special Link

We can also produce a graphic or textual link to be placed on your website linking directly to your Customised Like Gateway rather than directly to your main Facebook Business page. See this link to our Custom Page as an example.

Any Questions? Then call us now! (44) 01635 861 111

QR Codes

Do try scanning our Code with your mobile

QR Codes (Quick Response codes) are becoming more and more popular on printed material to assist users to quickly find or extract information using their mobile phones.

Where appropriate we use such codes in our custom promotional material to link mobile users to Facebook Pages.

Whilst there are many basic QR code generators available on the web we can produce true custom QR codes in a variety of sizes and colours to enable people not just to link to a website URL but to a variety of other mobile related functions.

The options we offer are...

A Facebook Like Link - To allow people to simply click on a like button rather than visit your business page

A Website URL - A link to whatever webpage your wish

meCard -A meCard contains personal contact information and is designed for mobile phone address lists.

vCard - A vCard is for company and professional use and can contain a lot more information than a meCard.

E-mail Address - Encode an email address into the QR code. It will start up the email application on the scanners device and populate the 'To:' address.

Phone Number - Encode a telephone number into a QR code for one click dialing.

SMS Message - Encode SMS complete messages to text your 'Like' directly to Facebook.

All Colours and Sizes - We can even provide your unique QR code in ready to publish PDF format

See our Online Store for Decals using QR Codes


All Features shown on this page are available individually and Custom Built for your Business Page
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